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I am elegant…


This is a brief sweet story.  One of the clients (Proyecto de Salud Sangre de Cristo) that use Vine International to help serve their patients had this elderly female patient walk in using a cut off piece of broom stick to help her ambulate.  They took her broom stick and gave herPART_1403799787003 PART_1403800006156 a cane collected in Ohio by Wheels of Hope     They collect from local private donors or some relationships with companies like Invacare.  Vine International ships their goods to Guatemala and distributes to over one hundred ministries and humanitarian aid groups that serve the poor of Guatemala.

So back to this precious grandmother.  She was obviously happy with the gift of the cane.  The doctor and nurse said she walked into the waiting room, drew herself up to full height and with a big smile announced loudly to the waiting room, “Now I am elegant!”

I do not understand all that is going on in the states but regulations from agencies that no longer answer to congress are interfering with donations.  Apparently large companies like Invacare must now send their product to an EPA approved recycling center for destruction instead of re-purposing to ministries like ours.  It is sad.  If true it is immoral.

Thank you for your continued support.

In Christ, Dennis and Cindy.


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