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Being on the receiving end of giving:


It ain’t easy. It is humbling. God requires it of all His children on occasion. We are from “America” (actually the United States of America – it is rude here to say you are from America as every one of our Guatemalan friends can say the same thing. We are often rude; it comes from our pride.) Relatively we are the wealthy ones, we should give. We are the spiritual ones here ‘on mission’ and a major part of that mission is to give. It is our role to give. But to receive??? From those who are poorer, from those who we consider friends, yokefellows in mission here; how does one do that?
First, friends, there is a dangerous pride in giving. It is an area the Christian community should take caution. When I give from the flesh; 1.) I keep accounts – you need to show me results. Based on those results depends my future giving. Noah and the apostles would have failed most mission agency tests. 2.) I put you in debt to me. 3.) I am in control of the relationship. You jump through my hoops so I and others can pat me on the back. (gag) If it honors self don’t do it! If it honors Christ, don’t you dare to not do!
Should accounting be done? – in the majority of cases overwhelmingly yes… but supporting missionaries in Islamic world, persecuted churches in North Korea, China, ministries that are trying to free people from gangs, sexual slavery and prostitution may be working in areas where ‘necessary paper trails’ can put these we call brother/sister in danger. Ask the LORD (it IS His money anyway) for wisdom and discernment in these situations. There are times to give, let go, shut up and don’t go home and brag about it on the internet.
There is, also, a sinful pride in refusing to receive. (my struggle in this moment). Here I am just out of the hospital. Sick enough I scared my wife, an experienced nurse. Medical care in Guatemala is done in cash, baby! It is much less expensive when you do not have brokers (insurance companies, government) and lawyers under every rock. Still in our financial situation we were in a position we could not cover the hospitalization and the outpatient medical regimen. Payday is not until next week. We plundered the envelope for auto insurance and propane. Thought it might be enough… it was not. Humbling situation. Yes we are uninsured medically. We could not afford that luxury and serve here in Guatemala.
Into my room walk Oscar and Amy Garcia, and passes an envelope to me from the staff of Orphan Resource International (ORI). It was a busy week for ORI yet every staff member gave, sacrificially. We found out later that our situation was mentioned to ORI’s USA staff and a team here in Guatemala and some of those gave – and that is still coming in. That first gift covered the IM and oral antibiotics, Nexium, couple other things in my daily medical regimen for a total of 10 days. If they had not given we could not have afforded those meds. We have praised ORI in the past and we continue to do so today.
So many other gifts… Amy fed Cindy and Mary Kate while they were watching over me that first day. Apparently I wasn’t thinking of food at that point – Bummer! Amy can cook! The Walls brought killer chicken soup. The Sauders came a couple days after coming home with soup and grilled cheese sandwiches and their daughters cleaned up the kitchen afterwards. Y’all (that is what we say in North Carolina when we mean every last one of you’ns ) are a blessing to us. While I find it hard to receive from you, I was forced to see the providence of GOD for us from you. It is my prayer the LORD will return every centavo 100 fold so you can support the orphans He has given care of to you. Humbly Cindy and I thank Orphan Resource International for holding our hands in this moment.
Mary Kate Hardy biomedical engineering student, gave in a different way. We (Joe Leier, Rick Wood and I nicknamed her ‘Chatty’ – for those who know her, you just smiled) were blessed to have her in our house at this time of need. She went with Cindy and translated very effectively. Mary Kate and Rick Wood showed true mission flexibility by not complaining when we substantially changed her internship schedule here. I pray Mary Kate we do not have to do that again. Thank you both for your help and uncomplaining flexibility.
And Cindy… such a blessing to have a nurse/wife in this time. I am sure they would not have agreed to discharge if she did not have the skills to give injections, take vital signs etc. Thank you honey.
Since I am the photographer there are no photos accompanying this blog.
Thank you for your continued support.
In Christ,
Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. Rick Wood permalink
    21/07/2014 08:15

    Great thoughts/comments, brother. Your giving has been a blessing to so many and may it be a joy to you as you allow them the opportunity to give back.


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