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Brief post, more later


Hello all,

Just a brief post to let you know we have not dropped off the face of the earth.  Without  Cindy here with me in Guatemala there is not a lot of free time.  We can’t split up and go to the bank to stand in line to pay bills and all the other activities of daily living.  Our boss Woody is found of saying some days in takes all day just to live in Guatemala.  Well now it takes two…

It has been humbly surprising the out pouring of support from the missions and ministries here in Guatemala once they found out Cindy was at work in the USA and I stayed here to keep Vine International going.  Other support has increased as well.  We are grateful.  AND pleased to announce while we have yet to meet our goals completely the pressure is off and Cindy is coming back to Guatemala with me on return flight January 2015.

There is a lot happening here in Guatemala and I have alluded to these projects in past notes.  I will start doing a full report on each project after the first of the year.  Next week I am picking up three senior college students, Paul Gordon being one of them, for a week in Guatemala surveying some of the issues in medicine in the developing world.  They have taken on a project to see if we can extend the life of or refurbish oxygen concentrators.  This would be a huge score for medical missions and medical care in developing world if they are successful… and preliminary reports are exciting.  Will keep you posted.

I will take them to Hospital Santa Fe to meet the Castillos and enjoy the world famous raccoon sandwich they serve all new comers on Thursday next week.  I put them on the plane on Wed Dec. 17th come home, clean house and get a haircut preparing for flight to Asheville on the 18th.   We still have a couple containers in the works and we have really pushed the envelope as far as getting them through the custom system here.  So please by in prayer these do not get hung up.

New board members are meeting with Woody today.  They will discuss several issues including a new used forklift for both ends of the “Pipeline” of Vine services.  The one here we are working on about 5 hours for every 20-30 minutes of service.  I am ready to push it into a very deep lake.  It is hard to justify putting any more money into repairs – so pray for the details of this ministry.

One final note and the main reason for this brief note:  please change the ministry email to and delete

We don’t want to loose contact with you.

In Christ,

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. 04/12/2014 08:36

    Woo Hoo!!!! Praise God that Cindy is coming HOME to Guatemala! Y’all take the phone off the hook….if ya know what I mean!


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