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Yikes where has the time gone?


I see it has been awhile since we have posted.  Christmas in North Carolina, West Virginia and Virginia was productive for ministries we work with but we were not able to do much for Vine and personal needs.  BUT still the LORD blessed us with some special givers.  Our roof for the house was covered financially and we are very grateful.  Everyone is so busy for the holidays, enough so we may change our pattern of coming to the USA.  We want to see our grandkids participate in sports, etc.  We are looking at our schedule for the year ahead.

Since return to Guatemala we have had our ups and downs.  Cindy and I worked hard to get the containers that came early in Dec. in order and most of that material is being used as designed.  We have seen a decrease in donations of wheelchairs and are seeking other resources there.  The Vine International Board of Directors has some new fire!  We will see what comes of this.

Woody and Dianna Woodson our bosses are here in Guatemala right now.  This is a split team.  The first part was traveling and research for ministry opportunity’s with Norris Hill and family.  Also this is Dianna’s first trip and Woody is showing her ALL of Guatemala (we don’t call him Hurricane Woody for nothin’).  IT is good for the Vine family to see what we do through new eyes once in awhile.  We have covered Guatemala from Quetzaltenango to Flores, seen Tikal, a few of our partners in ministry and have told a ton of stories from the past 20+ years of Vine’s existence in Guatemala.  I learn something new all the time.

Several exciting projects are in the development stage and will be beneficial to rural medicine (Canilla, Chocola, out side of Antigua) in Guatemala where the most underserved exist in this country.  Also an exciting project is moving from vision to building stage in San Jose Pinula to serve children’s homes in Guatemala.  Vine will be involved in advising in the progress of these groups as well as what we do best being a supply line.  Some but not all the ministries we serve are suffering from the decrease in donations that follows with job loss in the states.  But the LORD shows Himself strong and resourceful.  We know some of you give sacrificially, we guard your gifts and try to ensure they go to the point of need.

I have passed a small kidney stone (that is a good thing – small being the key word) but also have been bit or stung by some small Guatemalan critter.  He got away, but right now it looks like I have been hit by a baseball bat just above the right hip.  Cindy wants to take a picture, but I assure you most of you just don’t need to see that part of my anatomy.  The doctor at Hospital Shalom – Peten graciously checked me out and did some lab.  All seems well other than bruising.

We will be returning to our home tomorrow, getting the Woodsons on the plane on Monday and getting back to work on Tuesday or so.  Many things added to the schedule and there is lots to do.  I have a study designed with Abiding Life ministries to help with counseling opportunities here.  We continue Wed. night Bible study and preaching on first Sunday’s near Antigua.  We will also be sharing and preaching at Hospitalito Espiritu Santo (The Holy Spirit Hospital – don’t you love that name?) in March.   It already looks like 2015 will be busier than 2014.  Praise the LORD!

This is the dry season, rains will start late in April or early May.  (mangoes come with the rains).  2015 is an election year I believe, with all that comes with change in administration.  Sometimes good changes, sometimes not so good.  Please pray for Guatemala, for Vine International and that we may glorify Jesus Christ with our words and deeds this year in even greater ways.

Please let us know if we can pray with/for you.

In Christ,

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

PS a little ‘housekeeping’… if you don’t want to read our updates please let me know so I can remove your email from this list.  On the other hand if you change your email please let me know so you can stay informed.   You can always find us/contact us through Vine International website


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  1. 22/02/2015 21:48

    Will share with the Wheels page so we can all pray in more of those wheelchairs. (btw I clicked “like” here but it won’t “take”)


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