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Visiting some of the friends of Vine International


Cindy and I try to take time and visit folks.  I confess we get into a pattern at times seeing some of the same folks over and over.  But we have somewhere north of 100 groups that use Vine International Bodega (warehouse).  Some are many hours from the bodega and it would take two days to visit one site.  It is hard to visit some of these that are way out there.  BUT we have some that are close and we want to try to honor our friends with a visit.

We had set up a visit with a friend of the ministry from the states, but her schedule changed.  So Cindy and I talked with Saul and Lara Enrique and went to their small clinic in the north side of the city.  They started out in the garage and one small room of Lara’s family home.  Her mother still lives in the main house.  Frankly it is hard to imagine doing a medical clinic is such a small space.  Few doctors in the USA would work in such a setting.  But there are people to see that cannot afford care.  Many of the Enriques’ patients are indigenous.  They fear coming to the city, or can’t afford the bus fare.  But when such as these find a physician that will treat them with respect the word gets out.  While I was there I met a patient that had taken almost 2 hour bus ride.  Do you know how many physicians/clinics he passed to come to this place?  (it is a rhetorical question).

Dr. Saul and Lara have paid for remodeling the space and going UP adding a second story.  The work is still in progress.  But they are not wasting time using the new space (office, 2 bed exam and treatment room, a center for IV treatment) but still they are hoping to expand over the rest of the current roof and get it in the dry before the rainy season.  In addition to this building they recognize the need to get closer to the rural Mayan community and have purchased property in the highlands west of the city about 30 miles.

We met the staff.  We looked at photos and listened to stories.  Vine International adds to works like these.  They are independent as are all our clients.  But they recognize and are grateful for the material help we give them.  They showed us the sharps containers, centrifuge in the lab, medicines that were given, expressing gratitude at every room for what has been given.  I would point out the will need more as they expand their service at this site and the rural clinic.  There are a few photos posted here.  There is one set of photos that I cannot share in this format.  I will share with some of our medical friends, but briefly this lady had a breast cancer and no money.  She went to the public hospital, they sent her home for three months.  She tried another physician with the same results.  She now had a tumor that erupted through the skin and was larger than the original breast… she found Dr. Saul and Lara’s clinic.  She needed surgery they could not provide on site.  But Lara and her sister Ana got on the phone and called friends asking for money.  Dr. Saul called another doctor with a small hospital and talked him down in regard to fees.  The staff and friends of their ministry raised the money in a couple hours and got the job done.  Now this may not have lengthened her life but it did keep her from dieing from infection and made it much easier for her family to care for her.  It was an act of compassion.

Stories like the above are too common.  There will be a need for Christian medical missions until Christ returns.  It is a blessing to serve such as these.

Thank you for your prayers, financial and material support.

In Christ,

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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