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Woody and Dianna Woodson in Guatemala


Woody Woodson is the founder of Vine International. Dianna and he were married about a year ago and this is her first trip to Guatemala. When Cindy and I came in 2009 everything was exciting and new. But we have gotten used to the smiles and expressed joy of the ministries we serve. It has gotten to be routine, I am sorry to say. A few of Dianna’s “OH Wow’s” stirred the fires I once felt. Vine International does do amazing things here.

We call Woody the Hurricane here in Guatemala.  At home in Tennessee he is laid back easy going.  Here he fills the schedule over full.  The first half of their time in Guatemala we circled the west of Guatemala with an old friend of the ministry Norris Hill and son Aaron and his fiancee CC.  They were exploring both business and ministry ideas.  We are in much prayer for some of these issues.  We stopped at Hospital Santa Fe and visited with Sergio Castillo… Veronica his wife is ill with a virus.  We did drink a little rocket coffee but are saving the raccoon sandwiches for Todd Poor’s next trip to Guatemala.  Then the climb to Quetzaltenango, a night at a favorite Hotel Modelo just off of central square.  Visiting with John and Alma Diehl is always a blessing AND a learning experience.  While on the square we spoke briefly with some of the alternate culture.  You will just have to look at the photos.  Everyone shared stories with Dianna as we went.  The next morning coffee lakeside at Lake Atitlan then to Antigua.  More coffee, stories and laughter.  Dick Rutgers and Patricia Duff joined us for supper.  Dianna had heard stories already and got to meet the legend in person.  Dick and Pat work with severely handicapped children and adults who are grossly underserved here.

The next day we dropped the Hill gang off at the airport and beat feet for Rancho de Esperanza, getting only to find a line of traffic south of the bridge that extended for miles.  It was the largest traffic jam that Mike Rhea who graciously was driving us, has seen in his 15 yrs on the river.  Then the Woodson’s and McCutcheon’s went to Tikal to walk the ruins and see the Hospital Shalom.  Another story telling session, lives saved, families restored and churches planted because diesel mechanic and his wife, Tim and Doris Spurrier answered the call of God.  Telling history and how we help other works in the area.  Air ambulance service to become operational this year – yea!  All these with some help from Vine International.

Back to Rancho de Esperanza and then Cindy, Karen, Woody and Dianna met the boat to Sarstun Clinic, around to Livingston and back up the Rio Dulce by supper time.  Sunday it was back to the city and meeting with a new ministry Esperanza Contra Esperanza to talk about a pediatric hospital and how Vine International may be able to help with this project.  And Monday – Woody and Dianna to the airport and return to Knoxville TN area.

Take a look at the photos – there are way too many but you will see the laughter and joy on faces – you might also notice the later in the trip we look more tired, but hey!  Enjoy some of the landscapes and the peoples of Guatemala.

Thank you for your continued support.  Stay tuned for some exciting things are happening.  Vitamin Angels representative coming and we hope to expand that relationship for one.

In Christ,

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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