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Quick trip to USA


We are back in Guatemala after two weeks in USA. We NEVER get to do all that we would like to do, see all those that we would like to see. To get an idea of the work we do on these trips, look at our meals. We had two breakfasts at home and Cindy made a great meatloaf, with Vidalia onions and asparagus (a re-gifting of a bunch that my sister Kate gave mom from a patch of asparagus planted by my late great aunts about 100 years ago)… But three meals in two weeks in our own home is …searching for a word that fits….
We are grateful for a financial gift from friends at Abiding Life to cover substantially the air fare. The main purpose of these two weeks from a ministry standpoint was quite successful; but too little time with Olivia, Sarah (who finally has allowed me to hold her) and my children. We could not make it to WV to visit my mother, but Kate and Cindy worked out a plan to meet halfway and have an extended lunch. I found a coffee shop in Marion Virginia that sold Guatemalan coffee (is there any other kind?). I told the owner I would give him a plug in my blog. I had the pastrami sandwich – excellent. Cindy had a salad that was frankly a work of art. Pleasing to the eye; pleasing to the pallet. Kohi Café 201 E. Main St. Ste 102 Marion VA is also a recommended stop on the Appalachian Trail where AT walkers can get mail, send emails, etc. We had a good three plus hour lunch catching up on family and news around the old home place in Lookout WV.
Main reason for the trip was to attend Spring TECH (Technical Exchange for Christian Healthcare, Inc.) 25th annual conference. We shared an update for Vine International, networked with multiple ministries to ‘improve our serve’ here in Guatemala, met with MAP staff – they provide us with medicines by the container full! Woody Woodson and his wife Dianna came – always good to see them. I later met with Samaritan’s Purse staff at the warehouse in Boone NC – pray for them and consider supporting them for the work they were already doing in Nepal. This earthquake will fall out of the news long before the needs will be met. It was a blessing to help put an orthopedic surgical project together on short notice and meet the guy who was leaving that night to try to get that project into Nepal to help with fractures and amputations.
We were blessed to share our work with our sending church Calvary Chapel of Asheville NC and meet and discuss ministry issues with some of the most caring people Cindy and I have in our lives. We miss our pastor’s teaching and the Calvary Chapel brand of teaching the whole Bible. CC of A has now moved to 5516 Boylston Highway (Airport Rd.) Mills River, NC. 28759, Sunday Service starts at 10 AM. Cindy and I highly recommend this congregation.
We had multiple other meetings, architects, chef to help with kitchen design in a hospital project, eye surgeon for help with clinic design and surgery equipment needs, our computer guru who helped get us out of a jam, taxes got done, watched my oldest granddaughter clog and then

Olivia and Sarah at Ice Cream parlor

Olivia and Sarah at Ice Cream parlor

score two goals in soccer match and then take them out for ice cream. Dinner with daughter Casey and Jeremy her husband was enjoyable and too brief. We closed out the week with a Wednesday night family dinner at Cracker Barrel that was centrally located between a now spread out family. I could only smile when I heard Olivia teaching her aunt Peggy rules for checkers on the front porch. Apparently once you get a king in can transform and appear anywhere. Her daddy was good at making what we came to call Jason Rules! It was a blessing to see Jason and Hadley’s new home and get to eat a hamburger by Jason (awesome at the grill).
As you can see we do not rest until we return to Guatemala. Well we take a day, but then we have to exchange money (half a day), do banking, deal with a cell phone that has been cut off due to change of date on Visa card (last time this happened it took 6 visits over 4 months to get it fixed), get groceries etc. Then open the warehouse and get some stuff moving!!! That is what we are here for. We thank all of you for your support – prayer, financial and otherwise. Now a lot of information is swimming in my head and I need to get some emails out to folks. Hope this note lets you into our lives to see how things work for us at Vine International.

Happy Mother’s Day to all in this circle.  Tomorrow Cindy get’s to celebrate Guatemalan Mother’s Day (always on May 10), USA Mother’s Day (always on second Sunday in May) and Peggy’s Birthday (ALWAYS on May 10th)… Can I plan a day or what!?!
In Christ,
Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. Marty Hand permalink
    10/05/2015 07:12

    love you brother. Keeping you and your family always in my prayers, continue doing good work. Marty


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