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Wheelchair delivery, Water Filters and Dental Textbooks


We have been busy since return from USA.  Since May 2nd, we have had one weekend off, working in the bodega to get water filters into rural households working with Matt King (Tiva Water) and local ministries in Guatemala they work with to get the filters into rural families needing potable water.  This is truly a life saving work.  The Tiva container was in AND out of the bodega in three days with the help of Agencia Aduanal Tejeda-Harris (Vine loves this family business here in Guatemala)  We also organized and dispersed a MAP medicine container and one from Vine collection center in Knoxville TN.  One of our board members (GOD BLESS HIM) sent us a new forklift which a.)started b.) moved c.) lifted as designed.  SMILE!!!  It has now been tagged with decals from WV, and TN and we are waiting NC decal arrivals.  Three containers at this point 85% dispersed in less than 6 weeks.

Medicine containers from MAP cause a ‘feeding frenzy’ at the warehouse/bodega and this container was rich in children’s antibiotics.  Thank you MAP staff for working with and through Vine International.  Cindy and I get to see the smiles of grateful medical missionaries on this end and hear their words of gratitude.  I cannot relay all that is said – so accept our gratitude for your service.

Computer failure, new computer and all the frustrations of getting it back online  has sucked up hours of time.  Do you know new computers come without DVD/CD drives?  I didn’t.  Two days of shopping for an external DVDetc. unit here were frustratingly unfruitful.  Ordered one from Amazon, sent it to friend in PA who passed it to another friend coming with a team to Guatemala and it arrived three days ago.  I can once again work on my photography and still have a few other things that need to be uploaded.  Thanks Sauders, Orphan Resources International and everyone who handled this for us.

In the interim of computer illiteracy, blogging on The End of the Pipeline has been quiet… but now we start catching up!  In late May, we sent the last of our kids wheelchairs with David Mollinedo in a borrowed pickup truck (our mechanic came with David to help) to a local children’s home.  They were received with great joy.  We had sent several before Christmas but more kids have been added to an overfull situation.

Also in May, another project Vine International is assisting is Esperanza Contra Esperanza (Hope Against Hope – see Romans 4:18).  This  nonprofit association has big plans to work with health issues with children in Orphanages and Children’s homes in Guatemala.  They are in the stage of obtaining official documents (with recent political corruption charges and investigations it is affecting many departments including the department that registers nonprofits – used abusively by corrupt politicians to hide financial and material resources).  Please pray that the LORD will cut through the red tape for this organization.  But back to Vine International’s involvement.  Sonrisas de Amor (Smiles of Love) is a ministry of Victor and Evelyn Borrayo,close personal friends here in Guatemala.  It will move your heart to watch them work so patiently with underserved children here.  In the LORD’s timing they will move their dental ministry under the umbrella of Esperanza Contra Esperanza.  They have a big vision to add training programs for Dental Assistants who are office trained by each individual dentist here.  And in the future a program for Dental Hygienists, which will likely be the first such program in Guatemala.  Further the plan is to use these programs primarily to give orphan/foster children first opportunity for advanced training.  Cindy and I in December last year met with Carol W. Little, CDA, RDH, MHS, Chairperson, Allied Dental Department, A-B Tech Community College.  Carol was very gracious and gave us a cart load of dental text books that were shipped by Vine International and given to Dr. Victor Borrayo (see photos here).

Enough for now.  But stay tuned.  Cindy and I hosted some craftsmen from Rio Dulce area that put on a new roof on our “ranchito” – will explain with photos next blog post.

In Christ

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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