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History is made in Guatemala


We are in Guatemala in an historic period. Guatemalans have peacefully rejected their president and vice president for corruption. They have been arrested, charged and are sitting in prison. A large number of other arrests have occurred and the national election is behind us with many changes in the ‘congress’ and local elections that point to a strong attempt to clean up government. There will be a final election next month to decide the next president. One of the two candidates has been accused of buying votes and may be brought up on charges as well. What does that have to do with Vine International? First it is a joy to see friends stand up for themselves. To do so peacefully; well look back at the many coups in past Latino governments – many lives have been lost. I am proud of Guatemala. The corruption is so extensive, its effects so broad that frankly I believe those who are guilty of lining their own pockets are also guilty of murder. The national hospital system is so plundered that they often do not have basics… basics…a needle to start an IV, sheets for the beds, toilet paper, food. Hospital pharmacies are empty. Emergency room docs write prescriptions and send the family down the street to a private pharmacy to buy the needed medicine in some cases from the pharmacist that is supposed to manage the in hospital pharmacy… don’t you wonder where his medicines for his private pharmacy came from? The corruption runs deep here. We at Vine International do not give into that system, except in extreme emergent times after earthquakes or floods. We support Christian and humanitarian medical organizations. The support you provide through us is well received as often it is all that is available. Most Americans cannot imagine a hospital without Tylenol or IVs.
Vine International continues to find (or they find us) new ministries doing amazing things. Two have come up on our radar screen in the last month.
First, Hope for Home ( Ministries just a little south of Antigua at the base of Vulcan Fuego. Actually I think the first time we helped was by sending masks to help them keep dust out of their lungs during one of Fuego’s Burps (it is an active volcano). The Daryl Fulp family has a home for special needs children and has a desire to expand this ministry to all departments in Guatemala. God gives big visions to some! A couple of weeks ago Daryl put out a need for one of their girls, Angelita with a special kind of hydrocephalus. I called him and put him in touch with another new ministry here called Esperanza Contra Esperanza. Surgery was done and Angelita was all smiles for 2 or 3 days. They have been following her closely and she is taking a turn for the worse. SO this is a call for prayer for Daryl as he is called to aid and protect this child and the other ministries that try to assist. A number of individuals and ministries like Orphan Resources International have helped to intervene… I cannot begin to name all. Please check this ministry out and prayerfully consider supporting by prayers, financially or if you have special skills or equipment that can be donated to help children with special needs let them know. God has a desire for this situation and this family puts in some amazing hours serving the least of these. And would you put Angelita’s name on your computer or cell phone and pray often for her PLEASE.
Second, Naomi Heye has started Treasures of God Children’s Home ( ) and currently is near Coban. This puts her quite a distance from good medical care. In fact in light of my opening paragraphs about the corruption robbing the people of medical care please explore Naomi’s blogs for firsthand accounts (Daryl has a couple of interesting experiences as well). Naomi sat with Cindy and I and one of her girls Marci toddled around as we talked about both of our ministries and starting a relationship that we pray will be beneficial for Treasure of God Children’s Home. Naomi tells her stories better than I can. Most fund raising gurus tell you not to direct your readers away from your site, but we are a little different. Vine International has great supporters. Vine International has always looked at ways to further what we see as Kingdom of God activity by putting ministries we see here together with ministries and people in the USA and then we prayerfully GET OUT OF THE WAY! Please check both of these awesome groups out.
Needs include but are not limited to, diapers, small adult diapers, Naomi needs a pediatric size blood pressure cuff and stethoscope (please if you send one make sure it is new enough that the VELCRO WORKS!!!). Both ministries use their vehicles extensively and the roads here chew up tires and suspensions. The blood pressure cuff and stethoscope need have been met even before I post this thanks to members of Technical Exchange for Christian Healthcare Inc. (
Pray for Vine and container and document issues. The customs department here is in this corruption scandal up to their eyeballs and everything is slowed down. I have no photos with this blog post but if you will link with the two ministries above they will bless you.
In Christ,
Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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