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It’s past time for an update.


Not sure where to begin… The tragic landslide has slid from the news as things like this do.  Baseball, football, Cardishians, politics corrupt and otherwise, take the billing now.  Guatemala will likely make the remaining landslide an official cemetery.  The village has been declared uninhabitable.  Good hearted people responded with a flood of aid, days of labor, ministered to the grieving, identified bodies, sorted and dispersed aid… and snakes came out from under rocks and collected money and aid for Cambrey Dos victims and put it in their pocket.  Records of some involved in local government have been seized and investigations ensue.  There are complaints that aid has disappeared.  If you read the reports don’t let the snakes win.  Good people here gave mightily and it is not over.

Vine International has somewhat of a push on before the end of the year (this is usual, but this is a bigger than usual push).  We had a couple of containers trapped last year in the slow down that occurs around Christmas and New Years when they send half of the worker in the ports on vacation.  Also, it seems all containers are getting inspected.  The corruption in government has boiled over and a massive ‘cleanup’ is occurring.  Good!  But it is really causing major constipation for businesses and ministries – the ones doing it right, oh well.  The payoff will be in cleaning up the system, getting rid of bribery and corruption.  But please pray, we need to get these in our hands and to our partnering ministries, so maybe WE can slow down a little at Christmas.

One final paragraph… I got off the phone about an hour ago after a discussion with Dr. Sergio Castillo… Let me tell you the story and then what came to my heart.  Sergio calls frequently especially after particularly good news or after one of the surgery teams.  He has always been one to express his gratitude for the work of Vine International.  He does the hard work… we just unpack cargo containers, but he is always grateful, because he recognizes the material we give extends his reach so to speak.  SSSOOO next week he has a doctor coming with a ton of reading glasses and wants to fit people in the region with glasses so they can read… the Bible and other things.  So he speaks to the local radio station in the major community near him.  They work out an advertisement, dates, times, location and service to be provided.  BUT just before closing the deal Sergio asked that the announcement be made in local Mayan language… the conversation stopped.  He was asked to leave.  He could come back if he wanted it in Spanish only.  Sergio found a pickup driver, put loudspeaker system on the truck and it is going through the Mayan villages today and tomorrow doing the announcement in the “tongue of their mothers”.  Next week if you were in the area you would get to see really neat faces smiling… sigh!  I have met this kind of racism in our own bodega on one occasion since I have been here.  “Why do you help them?”  I know the LORD was in the room, because what was in my mind did not cross my tongue…enough of that.

Here is what came to mind while Sergio told the story…The Bible is translated into Quiche, Mam and other Mayan languages.  Do any of our supporters and readers have knowledge of radio technology.  Can we put a low power FM radio tower at Hospital Santa Fe to do public service announcements for the hospital and to start doing Bible teaching in native tongue?  I have NO KNOWLEDGE of this and cannot see the McCutcheon’s taking on another project.  So we need someone who can take this on as a project or as a ministry.  Sergio has an official nonprofit status that reaches back to his grandfather that will cover radio station – can God plan ahead that far; really?   I know nothing of equipment, cost, recording etc.  But I do have the ability to see what an awesome ministry this could be.  This is a wild part of the country, parts accessible by horse or foot only.  I believe there are some native language pastors close by that could be tapped for reading Scripture and teaching.  Not sure how closely they would work together BUT even that could be approached as a ministry teaching and spiritual maturity issue.  SO who is it that is reading this that the LORD just whispered in your ear – “Ain’t that a whopper of an idea?”  You see the LORD speaks in native tongues – I just heard Him, “Now ain’t THAT right son!”

In Christ,

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. Jennie Wood permalink
    30/10/2015 07:14

    HCJB – HCJB Global has become increasingly involved in a ministry now known as “radio planting,” working with local partners to develop Christian radio ministries worldwide. The mission provides any or all of the following: equipment, technical and programming support, and training. Each site has its own local governing powers, programming and follow-up strategy.

    I’ve got my hands full. But here’s something to think about:


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