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New Year’s Report


While thinking last night as many of us do about the events of last year, these numbers and thoughts occurred in no particular order.

Vine International improved it’s serve last year compared to 2014.  New board members ‘jumped in with both feet’ and served.   The “La

Hauling her away!

Hauling her away!

viejecita” (The Little Old Lady, the pet name for the old forklift) was hauled off and replaced with a newer

a little lighter so added ballast for heavy loads

a little lighter so added “ballast for heavy loads

version that is a blessing.  It starts everytime.  It is quiet, has mirrors, back up alarm, the lift works and goes side to side for when the drivers aim is a little off (ahem!).  Bumper stickers for TN Volunteers and WVU Mountaineers now reside on her backside.  There is space for other college stickers.  Consider sending donation with said college sticker – grin!

Yesterday, El Barios Para Cristo was our last ministry served in 2015.  Pastor Nacho took Bibles to a street ministry, prison ministry, and some medicines that will be used to gain an ear with bus drivers and women in prison.  Materials from Equipping the Saints Weyer’s Cave VA and MAP Bristol GA filled that car.  There were tears in the pastors eye when he held those Bibles.  I had called him the day before to ask him if he could use Bibles – he got quiet (unusual for Nacho – smile) and all he could say initially is, “God is always good.”  Just that morning, he had a request from a man he disciples for Bibles to give out on the street.  Great ending to a year don’t you think?

Vine shipped 20 containers in 2015.  We have received 18 of those containers.  Two containers remain in port.  There are some good things happening in Guatemala.  There is a major attempt to clean up corruption in government.  Nonprofit organizations were abused by corrupt politicians to launder their ill gotten monies and materials.  Several officials have been arrested.  The downside is it is taking more time.  The container unloaded late the afternoon of 30 December had been…. (momentary speechlessness, searching for words a Christian missionary can use)…. gone through thoroughly.  The new custom’s director perhaps is a retired proctologist let’s say.  We are blessed with a family in the shipping business who works hard for us.  With these containers the last six months ‘doing battle’ may be a better word than ‘work’.

We have had 239 visits from ministries that use our services (up from 93 in 2014).  This year saw many services from the government run health system shut their doors or reduce services.  The materials given because of your support of Vine International has been a blessing, even life saving in cases.  As the government system failed, Christian medical ministries see an open door.  Churches have added clinic services in their communities using your donations.  We are grateful.

It is exciting to see the growth of medical ministries.  It is my impression that the Christian hospitals we serve are all growing in ability to serve the communities in which they are planted… Hospital El Buen Samaritano in Chichicastenango; Hospital Shalom in San Benito Peten; Hospital Santa Fe in Chocola in the midst of remodel and growth; and adding a clinic/hospital in time through Adonai International Ministries and DOCS of Hope from NE Iowa and some awesome supporters;  Exodo Foundation is prepping land and working with architects to build a surgical center to serve rural poor and Maya communities; Esperanza Contra Esperanza is moving rapidly from vision to reality of building a pediatric complex for medical and dental health issues primarily to serve the children’s homes of Guatemala.  There are other new works in progress Cristo es el Camino (Christ is the Way) has started a new clinic to serve inner city poor and have opened in this past year.  We look forward to helping them grow this work as they use it actively to share the need for Jesus.  Dr. Saul Enriquez is building a rural clinic to expand the work he and his family do.  AND I am sure I have forgotten some.  Keep up the good work.

I preach once a month and teach a Bible study once a week.  We are in Matthew in both those studies.  We finished Ezekiel a couple of months ago in the Bible study.  I am glad for these opportunities as it enforces the discipline of Bible study for me personally.  I always learn more than I am able to teach.

We will start this year off with a madhouse rush.  The bodega is full.  Due to timing, ministries with designated product are taking a Christmas break so we will have groups picking up designated stuff along with the large number of folks gearing up for medical campaigns and schools have a rush at this time too.  Will wait until after the Cactus Bowl to announce these containers so I can cheer on the Mountaineers (WVU) without being interrupted.  We also have those two containers coming.  We put off a break for us – wanted to visit Rio Dulce and the Rhea’s, now probably late January.

With changes in government we have been encouraged to review our official documents.  Advisers here believe that every non-profit is will be investigated in the next few months.  Laws have changed. We need to become compliant.  I hate paper work, but it must be done.  We have a new lawyer and legal assistant ( she ain’t a legal-beagle, more like a pit bull when it comes to dealing with some of the bureaucracy).  Some of this is almost humorous.  One document was turned down because there was not 25 lines of text on page one.  We had a friend recently that had a one page document turned down because “1/1” was not in the upper corner.  That means one page of a one page document!  He literally took a pen and wrote “1/1” in front of them and they approved.  We are grateful the friends that God has brought into our fold in recent years, to help with things like this.

Please share our blog posts.  Send us your comments and prayer concerns.

In Christ,

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon


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