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back in Guatemala


Well Cindy and I left Guatemala in the dry season and I returned in the wet season – it happens that fast.  We left it was brown over a little green, the grass was dormant and big dry cracks in the yard.  Now everything is bright green.  The jasmine is in full bloom and fragrant.  And then there is the lightening – it hit on both sides the house in seconds last night.  The fresh smell of nitrogen after the flash of lightening let you know how close it was.  I went to sleep with the sound of rain on the roof.

Got to get to work.  Exchange money to pay rent.  The refrigerator is empty, must deal with that!  We are waiting on a truck driver to be found to bring container to the bodega.  (PLEASE pray for this one as we have a couple projects that need their stuff so their teams aren’t twiddling their thumbs.)  Always the need to connect with friends when one returns.  Catch up on the news, some good = some bad, like the neighbors dog Bobbie very friendly, not much of a guard dog except against strange animals was clubbed to death while we were in the USA.  Cindy and others that stayed here and met this gentle beast are very sad.

Returning is more than remembering the two hours time difference, must once again remember not to drink from the faucet, where the toilet paper goes, to wear shoes when outdoors, and indoors. and the cat – for 11 days I have to remember the cat.  Then Cindy is back and I won’t have to remember Misha (which in Mayan means “CAT”).  Cindy remained behind to celebrate Peggy’s 25th birthday and get some things done around the house.

Returning means I can rest for a couple days.  Our trips to the USA are filled with meetings, many days multiple meetings, speaking at churches and with friends who support us financially and with prayer.  Trying to encourage others in their calling.  Visiting family which we cannot get enough of, hugging necks, eating and fellowship.  We never get to everyone we would like to but we wear ourselves out trying.  Being ‘home’ is never a vacation for us.  Window and plumbing need fixing, cars maintained, grass trimmed and poison ivy sprayed to try to keep it from taking over.  Back to the eating and fellowship – always a blessing only one curse – I come back weighing 10 – 12 pounds more than when I left Guatemala!!!

Those of you we got to see, it is always a blessing (Jim Clemens – the next time I will buy pizza and come to your shop).  For those we did not get to see, our apologies, perhaps the next time.

Back into the saddle in Guatemala, projects here always amaze me.  We have reading glasses coming – they won’t gather  dust.  A new to us ministry has shipped decking for a bridge to an isolated village in Coban area to improve their access to health care, pure water.  (that is the one we need to pray this container into the bodega for.  The decking needs to be delivered this weekend as their team arrives on Sunday).  A tubing bender for wheelchair repairs, the usual medical support materials mostly designated to some of the ministries that use our shipping services.

Thank you for your support.  We are having a typical first quarter with giving down after Christmas, but are confident that it will pick back up.  Please let us know if there are prayer concerns for your family or business.  It is a way that we can return the support you give us by praying for your needs.  Bless us with the opportunity to pray for your needs as you do for us.

As I was getting ready to press send/publish news came that the container will be in our bodega this afternoon.  You who pray for us do some mighty good work.  We get answers before you ask!

In Christ,

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. Jon Williamson permalink
    06/05/2016 07:17

    Glad to hear that you made it back safely! We missed you this time as it’s always a blessing to get together with you. However, I’m looking forward to seeing you in July.


    • 06/05/2016 07:36

      Amen brother…. looking forward to seeing you and your team. Praying already for the blessings I know will happen for all parties!


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