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The precision of Scripture fascinates me…


We are studying the book of Matthew in our Wednesday night Bible study.  Over the years I have met people that do not believe the Old Testament is the word of God.  They may except the Gospels as ‘golden’ but question the rest of the Bible as the word of God.  I think the Apostle Paul would be surprised and angry to find courses taught on Pauline theology in contrast as if different than Jesus Christ’s theology.

We have just passed the passages about the “Triumphant Entry” and testing by the Pharisees and Herodians… going to jump in the next session about the Sadducees.   At this moment I am in North Carolina getting read for a whole slew of meetings.  But in reading and meditation on these Scriptures the timing is fascinating.  King David rode a mule (we would laugh at this in our day), Solomon brought horses in large quantity to Israel – now that is what a king should ride in that day and in the day of Jesus.  Yet he rides a colt of a donkey… No one laughed.  The crowd had King and overthrow of Rome on their mind.  We have no record of Pilates thoughts but I suspect he had little fear of a Jewish peasant who could not even afford His stallion!… Is that laughter I hear Pilate?  The religious leaders hated Him and tried to trip Jesus up over the next several days. They could find no weakness, no blemish in John the Baptist cousin from whom we heard the cry, “Behold the Lamb of God…Who taketh away the sin of the world!”

I have a question.  What was Jesus thinking?  Was He thinking I am king?  I think not.  Jesus was thinking Passover, He was obeying His Father by being that perfect Lamb.

This is likely in the Jewish Calendar the 10th of Nisan (the 18th of April this year) when he entered Jerusalem, Passover being always on the 14th of Nisan.  (this year is a shanah meuberet – a pregnant year when a month is added in the Jewish lunar calendar to keep Passover in the spring month.)  If any of my Jewish friends want to correct me feel free.  I do get a little confused as I research this.

NOW read about the choosing of a Passover lamb in Exodus ch 12.  The passover lamb or kid a one year old in perfect health was brought into the house and observed for four days.  This lamb was killed by the patriarch in the house and the blood placed on door posts and lintel with a bundle of hyssop to mark the house.  The lamb was roasted whole – no bone broken.  Totally consumed.  We take the bits and pieces of Jesus that doesn’t offend our soft view of life, but the type of the Passover Lamb is we consume all.  Lord help us to understand You as You require, not as we would like.  Help us to put Your WORD in authority over our lives and not fall for the pablum that comes from mere mortal philosophies.  The Old Testament fulfilled in the New Testament precisely and this just one of hundreds of examples.

This post was started some weeks ago, but life and schedule got in the way of completing and posting it in a timely fashion.  So we leave it here.  Cindy and I are back in Guatemala obviously.  We have in the warehouse a great donation from Global Health Ministries out of Minneapolis MN (… 2,400 boxes…about 4.5 more pallets to go before all is in order.  A TIVA water filter container that will come prayerfully on Friday and be out in less than a week or ten days.  That is a lot of work.  We are older, the boxes keep getting heavier, repetition is hard on the back, hips and knees.  There is a younger couple out there that will soon be called to come partner with us I am sure.

Port/import issues are still shall we say ‘constipated’ due to changes in government and I believe a true attempt to rid the system of some of the prevalent corruption.  Without our friends at Agencia Aduanal Tejeda-Harris, I would be in a long sleeve white coat drooling in a rubber room about now.  Please continue to pray for Guatemala and our role here.

We watch and help as the LORD allows with several projects, remodel of Hospital Santa Fe in Chocola (pray for success in procurement of a portable ultrasound for Dr. Sergio – a project that Matt and Judy Hardy started some months ago), new builds of surgical center with Exodo Foundation to serve needs of Mayan tribes grossly under-served; Clinic, Hospital, nursing school in Canilla with Adonai and DOCS for Hope, and other projects.  As these expand so does the need for the shipping services/supplies/medicines and equipment that you support through Vine International.  Souls and lives are saved and churches strengthened by the medical missions we support here in Guatemala.

Thank you for your support, prayer, financially and materially.

In Christ,

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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