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Nicole… (tissues handy?)


This is a letter from Maureen Casey Founder and Director of Los Gozocos in Chimaltenango.  They are in an area surrounded by gang influence, have had robberies and threats, yet they continue fearlessly to serve Jesus Christ.  Her letter is quoted here without editing.

“””This is Nicole.  She was left on the street at a couple days old by her family because she suffers from Epileptic seizures. Her birth certificate has a long line of numbers in place of her name and the address of the storefront where she was abandoned After a month in the hospital she was sent to an orphanage that has lots of babies in line for adoption.

She came to us after almost two years there dying from severe acute malnutrition, advanced pneumonia and with extensive brain damage because they had never been very concerned about keeping her seizures under control.
She spent less than two days in our home before we admitted her to the public hospital.  She has been there, on and off the ventilator five times for the last four months.  YOUR medical supplies have saved her life and many others.  You gave us pediatric tubes for the ventilator that allowed this underfunded public hospital to replace their contaminated lines.
Then you gave us some super antibiotics in IV solutions.  Right when our Nicole had a super resistant hospital infection, we do not know how many lives were saved through that medicine since the medical staffer not allowed to give me specific information.
Then you gave us adult ventilator tubes.  I am eye witness to the fact that the same pediatric unit has been able to help and heal more older children than ever before.  That is more lives saved because these national hospitals are severely limited by their supplies.  They can only help the patients that they have the equipment to serve.
So thank you a thousand thank you’s for all your hard work to serve the medical needs here in Guatemala.
Wiggly Hugs and Sloppy Kisses from all my Special needs kids,
Maureen Casey
Founder/Director Los Gozosos Chimaltenango
Back to Dennis!!
Dear supporters,
Los Gozosos (The Rejoicing) is a ministry that takes in special needs children.  They are full.  But they, like most similar ministries, try to find room for one more – this was their one more.  They have to use their financial resources to care for this child, the government does not have the resources to help.  The parents that abandoned the child do not have skill, finances, to keep their child – imagine that for a moment.  Some of the “homes” here (as the first home in this case) do not have the skill or resources to help.  We at Vine could not help except you give.  MAP International in Brunswick GA in this case provided the antibiotic and tubing.  The antibiotic was a specialty kind of thing, due to expense unavailable to patients in Guatemala ($500-800 a dose in adults).  Many of you provided the financial support necessary to send the container, to keep Vine International pipeline flowing.  The timing – pediatric ventilator tubing, the right antibiotic (only case we have had in the 7 years we have been here) – always in God’s hands.
You do not understand the treasure you are to us.  But with tears I am telling you there are children alive here because you send us.  There are families that hear about Jesus because  you keep us here.  There are missionaries, discouraged missionaries who get that boost out of hopeless darkness and back into light because we can help them DO THE WORK GOD HAS DESIGNED FOR THEM TO DO.   Thank you for all you give, materially, financially, time in prayer for us.
I was going to write something else for a blog post but I can’t beat this.  Thank You God for putting Cindy and I with Vine International in Guatemala.  Thank You for each supporter and LORD please return the rich blessings they give to us.  In Jesus Name Amen
In Christ,
Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon
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  1. Ann McCutcheon permalink
    22/07/2016 09:46

    Re: Psalm 29 study – we are on the same page, am trying to practice praise and thanksgiving prayers, leaving off asking or telling Him what He already knows? Your granddad Lloyd , ” Now, daughter, think about it – who am I that I should speak to God?” You and I would agree that he was an unchurched man, untaught in the Scriptures, but he read his Bible and had concluded that it was presumptuous of him to speak to God. His feet hit the floor every morning with a “Thy will be done, Lord” – “a good way to start a day, don’t you think?” One time Dad said, “Well, a person does the best he can and prays.” My response? “Oops! Dad, I would flip that to “I pray, then do the best I can!” With a smile, “Well said, daughter, well said:)”
    Proverbs 21:5 may be helpful for you all and David M. “The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty.”
    Now a synopsis of Tuesday midnight/8 AM entitled “Awash in 7 C’s” –
    coon on deck; cat on steps; catches continuous in legs; contrariness of first two items – one a coward, the other glad of it behavior; critters in kitchen cabinet; crash of flower pot discovered, coon related?; coon crap as I sat down with a cup of tea to my renewal time. Hope this leads to laughter. Kent has set a trap for the coon; enticement for my visiting squirrel – a very handy neighbor/beloved son-in-love is he:) Jest life in the coun’ry, friends, jest life in the coun’ry:)
    A website for fair professional journalism concerning Israel, the Middle East and the Arab-Israeli conflict might interest you
    Love and prayers, Mom M..


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