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Thanks to the Dina’s


Ed and Heather Dina friends from Calvary Chapel of Asheville, NC, support us in prayer and finances for which we are grateful.  Got a note this week saying it had been a long time since they heard from us.  I just looked – end of July 2016 to be exact.  My apologies to all.

I am disturbed  (OK Carroll Sue take your best shot on that one sister – grin).   Disturbed that I can ignore doing a newsletter to our supporters for six months and looking back I can’t account for the time.  Disturbed that I can’t physically keep up anymore and see trouble ahead if the LORD doesn’t intervene.  If it had not been for some friends here in Guatemala volunteering extensively in the warehouse it would be a mess.  Oh I can assure you that we had intentions of sending out handwritten notes… were going to do that the two weeks we were in the states early November but then there were the 2500 miles of travel, more meetings than days and we brought the note cards back with us.   Disturbed that we missed a niece’s wedding we were planning on attending… finances and two containers.   Disturbed when high winds took out a tree top with live electric lines and closed our driveway had to call Daryl Fulp and others to reschedule bodega visits.  Three days without water… probably more disturbing to Cindy than me (evil grin).

There is the flurry of containers that come the end of the year, five of them went well.  Two are in line in port, in a very long line, very slow moving long line in port racking up charges like you wouldn’t believe.  Burrocratic constipation.  Everything in our control is done.  Done efficiently.  It is the things out of our control that raises the blood pressure.  Just wait upon the LORD!  You know, I understand the concept but do we abuse this phrase to cover laziness or ineptness?  AAAHHHGGG.

OK – start off the new year with some numbers.  I think we did 17 containers this year and had 202 visits from medical ministries in Guatemala in the 23-24 years of Vine ministry in Guatemala by my calculations that makes it 4th most productive.  But the numbers tell only a ghost of a story.  There are expansions of existing medical ministries going on, some new works (literally one today), very few have closed their doors.  Due to the dismal national system the need for medical missions will remain for the foreseeable future.  We will continue to work towards improving quality of donations.  I believe we will do about the same volume this year and then as some of the missions mentioned above come to maturity in the following years the need for Vine International shipping services will actually increase.

If you have seen Cindy’s facebook page you will see a new chicken coop in the front yard.  Hopefully the run will get done in next few days and the crew will get to move in.  (Don’t ever let anyone give you THREE ROOSTERS).

So we don’t end on a DISTURBING Note… I got very ill this past weekend, nausea, headache, high fever (103.8) and if I had made it to Jessica’s wedding I may have negatively impacted their plans this week, so (deep sigh) thank You LORD for the fact that we needed to cancel.  And the electrical lines keeping us from meeting Daryl Fulp and others at the bodega that day, may have saved a child’s life that morning.   Hope for Home and the Fulp’s are engaged in the Harvest and worth checking out.  Blog linked here  and  website linked here 

So the LORD is in charge of the details of life.  I will try to improve on newsletters.  But I have had 15 requests for appointments at the bodega in the last three paragraphs… try to finish a newsletter with that many interruptions.   Please pray for our support.  Mostly for  a family that will partner with us here.  I must run.

In Christ,

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. Ed & Heather Dina permalink
    07/01/2017 15:54

    Dear Dennis & Cindy, My apologies for making you feel guilty, and my thanks for keeping us posted. I know you’re busier than we can imagine, doing His work, and we’re just sitting here enjoying the snowfall :). Love and prayers to you both, Ed & Heather


  2. 12/01/2017 11:40

    Love you! Hope you are better and feeling rested soon. Praying for that family to come. 🙂


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