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Rapid Start to 2017


Well at least for Cindy.  She spent the first week of Jan. 2017 taking care of me.   But after that it was a race.  We had 51 visits to the bodega (202 all of last year) the last 3 weeks of January.  The last container of 2016 finally arrived middle of the month.  It was a wheelchair container sponsored by the Platillero family for which we are grateful.  In the middle of the month I was asked to do a dedication of some special babies.  All the Tejeda-Harris sisters were pregnant and delivered I think within six weeks of each other.  This is the family whom God has given us in Guatemala that helps with import of containers.  These ladies and their husbands are a blessing to us and I pretty much say yes to anything they suggest.

Brady Green came down from Knoxville but we were in the midst of a busy bodega schedule.  He borrowed the van and pretty much took care of himself.  He visited and interviewed Daryl Fulp and Dick Rutgers about wheelchair ministry and taking care of special needs children here in Guatemala.  I am anxious to see what comes of those videotaped interviews.  I warned Brady to interview these men separately or the footage would have qualified for Saturday Night Live.  They act just like brothers.

I am trying to pick photography up again.  I have an album of recent photos with captions – trying to tell the story of what Vine International does and the ministry’s effect here in Guatemala.  I get the idea that medicine can be merely humanitarian and some of the churches and pastors I have spoken to over the years don’t support medical ministries.  I actually think the complaint is legitimate.  BUT medical missions can be done in a way to effectively share the truth of Christ, effective church planting can be done.  The first person to clothe the naked I believe was Jesus Himself in Gen. 3, while it was ‘humanitarian’ it was also a type of His atonement to come – the Divine stepped into human history and got bloody to bring relief… and turn us from our just destiny and put our feet on the narrow way.  Check the photos out linked here and enjoy.  With the captions I add quite a bit of information about this past month.

We are tired and have taken most of this week off… the phone still rings, people need help.  Hard to say no.  Wednesday night Bible study continues and we finished John ch 7 this past week.  Looking forward to chapters 8 and 9 – some of my favorite stories.  Please pray for this aspect of the work here.  There are a couple of hurting families in our circle we are discipling.  Our children, Casey and Jeremy have moved into a new house.  We would have loved to been there to help them move.  Missing Peggy.  Jason and Hadley have our third granddaughter on the way I think in April.  And of course Olivia and Sarah always in our heart and on the front of our minds.

Please continue to pray for whoever it is that God would have replace us.  We are at that point we are about as busy as we can stand but not busy enough for two families… but somewhere, sometime transition has to occur.  Cindy and I are checking out language school again.  We have found a school close to us but it is a little expensive ($800 for 30 hours instruction)  we are praying.

OK the squirrels (Cindy calls them the little people) are playing above the ceiling so I need to go beat on the wall.  Thank you for your support in prayer and finances.  Here is to 2017 and the work ahead, looking forward to what God is going to do.  Amen and Amen.

In Christ, Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. Luis camey permalink
    03/02/2017 20:47

    Gracias en nombre de todas las personas que a diario reciben medicamentos y ayuda de ustedes que Dios los bendiga siempre estaremos orando por que nunca les falte nada y que siempre esten unidos como una gran familia muchas bendiciones.


  2. Carl and Christina Fulton permalink
    17/02/2017 18:06

    We don’t get tired of saying. Keep up the good work for JESUS precious Dennis and Cindy. You are putting a big smile in JESUS face. Well done good and faithful servants. We love you both and your family. The Fulton’s are very blessed to be supporters of this Ministry. To our Mighty GOD our LORD JESUS be all the glory.
    We also want you to know that you are always in our prayers.


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