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Orphan Resources International and other neighbors


Cindy and I have always been blessed with good neighbors, well there was the guy that didn’t like Cindy’s cats but that is the only one I can recall.  Lilly and her children are precious to us.  We give Lilly the keys to the house when we leave for the USA.  When we return she has always cleaned house and put a vase of flowers in the living room or dining room.  No you CAN”T have Lilly for your neighbor she is ours!  She and Cindy work on the chickens together, treat the animals when appropriate.  Those two ladies are always laughing.  It always amazes me with our limited language skill the ability Cindy has to communicate with Lilly.

Another neighbor at the bodegas is Orphan Resources International.  If you have been on the blog since the beginning you will have heard of them before.  They are a group out of Pennsylvania.  They help provide basic food stuffs to about 50 orphanages here.  ORI also hosts teams, several teams in a year to do construction projects, paint, roofing, build fences, play with orphans, etc.  On occasions when hosting teams, being short staffed at the moment they struggle to pick up food donated by Price Mart and recently asked us if we could help.  The only way we would ever say no to them is if we physically weren’t present.  They have helped us on multiple occasions on short notice.  So we had one of those mornings… We were to meet Brooke at Price Mart (close to a McDonalds so Cindy and I went a little early to have coffee).  As we were entering Micky D’s Shane called he had Brooke’s keys across the city could we go pick her up – of course.  Next issue.  We had loaned our van to El Barrios para Cristo for a need they had.  Now ORI didn’t have their truck.  We had the Yaris, very small car.  We all laughed and we went to Price Mart to see if we could get it all in the car (see photos linked here!).   It is a joy to help our neighbors especially when we can make fun of them and bury them in pizza.

Another neighbor, Hans and Mary Lou Schieber… the owner of our bodega, too.  We do a Bible Study each Wednesday night at their home, presently in Gospel of John.  Hans has been very generous to Vine International, by not raising the rent and allowing delayed payment on a few occasions.  He is one of the first to respond if there is a problem in the neighborhood.  He is always experimenting with farming and greenhouses (peppers, tomatoes, herbs, now coffee!!! – we always volunteer as taste testers).

We are very blessed.

In Christ,

Dennis and Cindy.

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