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Just an update.  Cindy and I have started back to language school.  It is costing about $800 for 30 hours for two members in the class.  Cindy wins on penmanship.  We have a very nice ‘maestra’, a lady from Cuba.  We have taken the money out of our ministry account.  If any feel led to help replenish the funds we and Vine International would be grateful.  We are between containers and over the rush that always occurs Dec/Jan.  So we are taking the time to try to improve in this area of our ministry.IMG_1430.JPG

I often do my Bible study or letter writing in the ranchito.  There is a garden bench.  For those that follow Cindy on Facebook you have seen the chickens that have been added to “the farm”.  Well they are a forward bunch of fowl.  The photo below shows they have taken over the garden bench.  Just come and try to share the bench with them.  The squawking is impressive.  These are the young out of the last brood – way to many roosters so trying to get Cindy to not name them and in a few weeks let our neighbor have them for soup.  It is under discussion – I expect to loose unless too many roosters do what too many roosters do and get on her last nerve (evil grin).IMG_1420.JPG

OK, file these next two photos under scenes from Guatemala.  Shane Burkholder if you read this post harvest the garbage truck for your photo collection brother.

First look closely… there is a man sleeping in a jack-legged hammock above the hydraulic compactor in the back of this garbage truck.  They push the hydraulics to the max so they can make fewer trips.  I have a friend here when he travels with me tells me to get away from trucks like this as they do blow up!  The man is truly asleep as we had to follow for a kilometer or so due to traffic.  Interesting…IMG_1427 (1).JPG

And final photo.  This was in the album with the last post I think.  But here it is again.  Sometimes we get a different audience.  This is Brook Burkholder.  She is with the ministry next door to our warehouse Orphan Resources International.  Every since Cindy and I showed up in Guatemala this ministry has helped us in many different ways.  On a few occasions they have asked for help – if we are in country and free, the answer will always be yes.  PriceMart here in Guatemala gives food that doesn’t meet their quality control to ORI who quickly gets it into little bellies all over Guatemala.  Kids don’t care if the cake didn’t rise quite right or the crust on the pie was broke in the handling process.  Like all things ‘given for free’ there is still work involved.  So we have committed to help if the ORI team has construction team and can’t get to  Price Mart for pick up.  On this morning we did not have the van – it was on a different mission.  So we packed Cindy, Brooke, myself and a dozen pizzas, four cases of muffins, 20 some roasted chickens, case of doughnuts, at least 10 cakes, and 5 pies.  We almost lost Brooke in the back seat.IMG_1413 - Copy.JPG

OK we are working on issues dealing with our presence on the internet and emails/newsletters.  I am exploring Mail Chimp for notification of our newsletter and container announcements.  So far I like what I see.  I have received testimonies from some folks I trust about their experience with Mail Chimp.  It is likely that I will move my data bases sometime this next week.  After I do that I will probably put out some really brief note just to make sure I haven’t lost anyone.  Soooo it is a good time if you want to get off this list to let me know.  Also if you want to be added let me know.  On Mail Chimp there will be a way to subscribe – similar to the RSS Feed on the right of this post.  I will likely renew my account on Facebook as we have seen a reduction in numbers reading the newsletter.   It’s time for a ‘mater sandwich.

Thank you, all of you for your prayer support, financial support and encouragement.

In Christ, Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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