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PURE Plagiarism


This is pure plagiarism.  Both Cindy and I have been ill and with sore backs.  But we must deal with three containers that have arrived – two medicine containers that we desire strongly to get into the hands of our medical ministry partners.  So it has been long hours.  A couple of friends David and Alan helped greatly to get the loads organized for dispersal – we are grateful for their help.  This is a note from Brady Green our newest Vine International family member.   And since we don’t have the time right now to write up something for the blog I am with out apology using Brady “Chepe” Green’s letter.  (shades of Dick Rutgers – hahaha)

Oh yes, for perspective we put Isaura in front to make her look taller (grin).  She is a fireball when it comes to helping her people.

In Christ,

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

A thank you note from folks you’ve helped.
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The children’s amoxicillin is what caught my attention
when I saw the packing list. With medicine like that, it’s easy to imagine who will be tilting their head back to get the weird-tasting stuff down, and who’s got the plastic measuring spoon in their hands, hoping it will work. If you’re like me and you have memories of kids with late-night fevers, you can imagine that parents in rural Guatemala will be glad for a little bottle of what can end the infection. I could pick it up at the pharmacy; these parents can’t.
[Isaura Escobar picks up supplies as Cindy McCutcheon helps. Isaura directs the Roca de Ayuda Medical Association, which works in poor communities all over Guatemala.]


Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon oversee Vine’s warehouse outside Guatemala City, and last week they unloaded two containers full of medicine and supplies. I find it easy to be grateful for all that children’s amoxicillin, but there’s a lot more on those containers that’s useful to the men and women who work with Guatemala’s poorest communities. Every bottle in every case on every pallet is in the middle of a great and urgent story, and you’re a part of those stories: we don’t ship anything that you didn’t help pay for. And each of those stories is just about to get really good: cases will be broken up, prescriptions written, and bottles given to parents of kids who need it. I think about that and I’m so glad we all get to do this together. The nurses, doctors, dentists, and helpers who will drive away from the warehouse with cars full of medicine – they know about you, and they always tell us to thank you. Thank you!
We will listen for some of the stories as these supplies make their way out to the people who need them. But today, as Dennis and Cindy are sorting boxes and coordinating visits, I am grateful for you who made it possible. None of us can do this on our own: not you or me, not medical professionals, not missionaries, not anybody. It’s only all of us, together, that can live out the love of Christ for the world. It’s good to partner with you.
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