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We think of those who support us and those who receive… and are humbled.


It is now three months after the death of 41 young ladies…. It took less than a week for the story to drop out of the international news; in Guatemala a little longer.  The blog post “Where’s the Church?” went around the world well over 2,000 hits over 30 countries.  That particular post continues to get hits.  Three families were challenged to adopt.  I pray for many more than that.  May Christ’s Bride take back the responsibility to care for the orphan and widow.

Not sure where I left off on our work here.  We had three containers come in three days to the bodega.  Two of those were MAP ( medicine containers.  Those are fairly easy to get into order and start dispersing.  We have had over 50 visits from our clients so far.  That equates to a lot of lifting… the third container is a designated container of water filters we have about half of those out the door.   The MAP containers were sponsored and Brady ‘Chepe’ Green came down about two weeks after container arrival to do follow-up story.  He and I went to interview some of the recipients.  Cindy stayed and received the scheduled clients (this is a good place to mention that we are looking for a couple to come and take Vine International on as their mission).   Brady videoed interviews with some delightful brothers and sisters in the LORD – you will have to wait for the editing to be completed.

It is a joy working with our national and ex-pat ministry partners as they toil to save and comfort lives here in Guatemala.  Cindy and I are ever grateful for the financial and prayer support that keeps us here.  Vine International is expanding.  We strive to improve service and quality of donated medical supplies.  Brady has likely opened some new doors for material donations. There is a whole community both behind and in front of us. 

Behind us – you who give, pray, and collect material donations, other ministries (MAP, Samaritan’s Purse, International Aid, Evangel Worship Center, Joe McCutcheon, TECH) Christian business leaders (Midmark, Metropolitan Medical in Asheville).  Forgive me the ones left off a list like this.  If you knew how small Vine International is, you would be awed at how it all gets done… I know I am.  Logistically it would collapse, faster than Cindy and I do after a week in the bodega, except for you that stand behind us.

In front of us – It would take a book to give proper credit to the ministries that use the goods and designated shipping services of Vine International.  On the dump, in the country side, the inner city, the many Mayan regions we have brothers and sisters sacrificially giving time and talent to people that God has given these ministries to serve.  A few of our ministry partners reach into Mexico, El Salvador and Honduras.  Souls are saved, infant and maternal mortality rates are improved, health and nutrition, material, medicine and equipment needs to expand numbers and quality of these ministries because Vine International is a pipeline from you to them.

It is humbling.  We are grateful.

In Christ,

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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