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Some sights in Guatemala


Just a brief note with a few photos.  We have been very busy cleaning the warehouse, receiving containers mostly designated materials in the last month or so.  May I suggest investing in Motrin as Cindy and I use it often during these times.  But we are done today.  Caught up.  Getting ready to go celebrate a baby soon to be born to some awesome young friends, Shane and Brooke.  Oscar Garcia and I are going to do a coin toss to see who they name him after.  (evil grin).

Let me share a few photos and thoughts.  This is eclectic flavor of Guatemala.

this is a poinsettia outside our front gate.  Some of you have seen photos of it before.  I am over six feet tall and I am taking this photo standing and looking up.  How many poinsettias have my family killed over the years before they get 2 feet tall.  They always bloom in the dry season before Christmas.  It is really pretty.






Please look close.  I deleted the video on this shot.  The van is a hired bus in rural Guatemala.  It is full with two young men holding onto the roof rack and half a foot clawing onto the floor board.  I had started filming because the driver was all over the road.  In this curve he was more than half way in the other lane.  I thought the two guys on the door were going to bale but then the driver moved into our lane.  The driver of the truck was concerned too.  You can see he has laid over to the ditch about as much as he can and he was on his brakes.

Unfortunately here this is almost a daily scene.  Usually I am driving and cannot take photos of such events.





One can make a functional pick up truck out of anything.  We scavenge plywood from crates and from the wheelchair containers.  In this case the very valuable sheets of plywood are going to this brother in the LORD.  He will make a room in a small “house” for his sisters to have some privacy.
We have made gallenero’s (chicken coop) for Cindy and for neighbor.  Outbuilding for a pastor and many other things over the years.  We try to waste as little as possible.




                     I smile at this one every time I see it.  The wheelbarrow portion apparently had rusted off sometime ago.  But then it became a plaything.  The girl’s smile was huge.  Reminds me of my childhood days on the farm in West Virginia.  Almost anything could be come a game.  Jumping out of the hayloft playing Super Man with the Fitzwaters was not the safest game.  It’s OK mom, we survived.


Hope you enjoy your today as much as these kids enjoyed theirs.

In Christ,

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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