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Horace Alvin Marlowe


Horace Marlowe’s physical tent was taken down on June 3.  He is a friend.  He is a huge contributor to our being in Guatemala.  Horace and Bob Harris led short term building teams.  Brother Jessup who was older than dirt but MAN could he preach would go with us on occasions.  Horace’s teams built 70 churches, parsonages, clinics, Christian schools on at least three continents.  I would love to be in the church to listen to his families stories.  He is one of the quiet heroes our nation produces that has a positive effect on the world.  He was a marine in Chosen Reservoir.  Purple Heart and other medals for which he was too humble to mention.  But the thing he would brag about is Jesus.

While I can’t be there to participate in his eulogy, let me tell this story on my old friend.  I received a phone call from a physician’s assistant in the VA Hospital in Asheville.  “Dennis, I have this old vet that says he knows you”.  He tells me its Horace and explains that it is Horace’s opinion that I can take care of him should he have another cardiac even while on the next mission trip coming up in as I recall less than two weeks.  I told me friend I would be there at 4:30 pm and talk him out of going.  Horace has several cardiac events, multiple stints and was probably at one of the best VA hospitals for that disease.  So with every intention to do what all the medical staff believed the wisest and talk this wise man out of his decision I entered his room.  He was alone.  We chatted.  Then I ‘addressed the ball’.  Horace you have good teams, good leaders you should set this trip out.  Horace says, “I already told them I was going and that you could take care of anything that happened.”  My reply, “Horace this is your HEART and I have worked in orthopedics for 18 years.”  We gently argued until he finally asked what is the worst that could happen?  My blunt reply was, “You could die!”  Long pause, tilt of the head, eyeball to eyeball contact, heart to heart Horace discipled me in that moment.  “Think about that Dennis”.  Another pause.  “Serving Jesus, sharing the gospel, building a church in a foreign land and DIE.  What a blessing!” 

Death, what a blessing.  I so wish I had a recording of that conversation – it runs in my head on occasion.  It brings tears to my eyes in this moment.  I told him I couldn’t argue with that.  I will stick with you and I guess I can put plaster on your old heart if there is trouble – he laughed out loud.  I went.  No health problems.  Another church in Paraguay.  Thank you Horace for your discipleship on this and other occasions.

OK we can’t do one story only.  Horace is too big a man for that.  We were in Honduras and one of the young men was pontificating how make up was from Satan, on and on and on he spewed.  Horace and Bob were sitting across the room not participating in the conversation.  The kid was not being well received by those of the feminine persuasion.  He made the mistake of asking Horace to support his opinion.  Here is the Horace Marlowe quote, “If an old barn needs paint, paint it.”  A couple of the girls including my wife said in a female quartet of voices, “HORACE!”  But the kid shut up.  Horace didn’t say anything else.  It is an example of economy of words.  Point made.  Argument won.  Back to work.

Back to work, which is where we need to go.  Fuego Volcano erupted the day Horace died and we are in the midst of responding.  So wish I could be in two places at once.  I know my brother would say to continue the work, he is fine.

Salute Horace, fair winds and following seas a sailor would say.  Jesus’ words will be fairer still, “Well done good and faithful servant.”

Don’t have time to proof read so forgive any errors.

In Christ,

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon









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  1. Ann McCutcheon permalink
    08/06/2018 12:42

    Kate’s here. Trying to connect, frustrated. Upholding all in prayer. Blessed tribute to Brother Horace, aren’t we blessed to know our Lord’s faithful warriors? Strength for the day and wisdom is my plea for thee and those who are trying….

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