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Update on Vine International and Vulcan Fuego


For us the work has quieted down for a brief time.  In the US however the Vine International family is scrambling to replenish the warehouse here and that takes a lot of work.  Material and financial support must be gathered, accurate list of what is to be loaded for the governments of the USA and Guatemala to peruse and approve.  Scheduling container for loading, get help for Bruce White to load a container in two hours are part of the lengthy logistics.  (If you are close to Knoxville, Bruce is loading on Wednesday 20th usually in the afternoon – if you think you can help, )  This will be followed as quickly as possible by a second container.

Dr. Estrada said he wanted a standing stool the next time!

Cindy and I will in prepping here, talk to the electric company as they have without notice laid a pole across our loading dock.  That needs cleared out.  Just shake my head sometimes.  But we will take a day or two and clear out pallets that are empty, get recyclables out of the front bay and do a general cleanup.

We were blessed to be able to meet Dr. Erik Estrada (a bundle of dynamite) at a discount pharmacy warehouse in Guatemala City and put over $1,000 worth of antibiotics, burn cream, IV fluids, and from our warehouse insulin syringes, 3 and 5 ml syringes with needles and dust masks in his vehicle.  While his team spent all week on the volcano, they were unable to cross the river and are praying that the water goes down so they can get to the villages today (Monday 18 June, 2018).  On Friday a local lady stopped them at the ford and said, “Yes we need you and your medicines, but please don’t cross here today.  Wait until the river goes down!”  They turned away and passed a bus, who didn’t get that advice, apparently, and it floated down stream – video is on my facebook site.   No I don’t know the final results, did they make it or not?  Trying to find out.

It is reported that the area has been declared uninhabitable.  It is unclear whether the area is closed to recovery operations.  We had a 5.6 -5.8 earthquake last night centered a couple miles south of the volcano’s center point and very deep.  I see no reports of damages but am sure this will increase local alarm for future eruptions.

Peggy and friends are coming the following week on the 28th.  She and the crew will be using their veterinarian skills in our local community treating dogs and cats for parasites and rabies injections.  Hopefully we will also get to Hospitalito Espiritu Santo to treat their animals. There are other things in the schedule as well.  They will help us feed a discipleship group we help with.  We are expecting a good week.

This is a brief update.  We had a good Lord’s Day of rest and are looking forward to what the LORD would have us do this coming week.  Deeply covet your prayers for this opportunity to minister here in Guatemala.

In Christ,  Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. The Fulton’s permalink
    19/06/2018 06:15

    Where do I find the video of the bus crossing the river? I read this on your blog. By the way thank you for keeping us informed about the situation with the volcano in Guatemala. May Peggy and her crew have a safe trip. And all Glory to God for all the hard work the McCutcheon’s and family are doing for the Kingdom of God. Thank you to all the helping hands the Lord has sent your way.
    You will continue in our thoughts and prayers.
    We love you McCutcheons


    • 19/06/2018 08:23

      I will try to find it and post it again. I couldn’t find it. Cindy did and I still couldn’t find it when I went over my site again.


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