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Every pastor has those moments…


…am I getting through to the people God has given me to teach?  Is there visible effect of His Gospel, His Word in these I serve?  We who preach and teach God’s Word pray for signs, for visible transformation.  We hunger and thirst for those moments.

Cindy and I have started a fellowship in our home with the goal to reach into this neighborhood for Christ.  Lilly our closest neighbor is such a blessing to us from the moment we moved to this house.  She has had a rough life.  I will leave it at that. We believe her to be a jewel, our equal and want to be used by God to reach her and her children for all eternity.  She is among the first we have invited to this fellowship.  Gently.  Not pushing.  Living the Life of Christ visibly before her.  She has started coming as we are early in the Psalms.  Yesterday it was Psalm 19 – here you need verse 10 for this story.

Psa 19:10 (the ordinances/law of the LORD) More to be desired are they than gold, yea, than much fine gold; Sweeter also than honey and the droppings of the honeycomb.

and in Spanish:

Psa 19:10 Deseables más que el oro; sí, más que mucho oro fino, Más dulces que la miel y que el destilar del panal.

for my English speaking friends “miel” is honey.

I challenge the friends gathered here to read ahead each week as we know after 19 comes 20, 21 etc.  I promise the Holy Spirit is a better teacher than I.  I ask to hear what they have learned during the week.  So Lilly comes to our door after dark tonight with her open Bible with her youngest daughter.  She wants to confirm that she has the right passage – she is limited in her ability to read, so her children read to her (God is so good).  With our limited language abilities with which Lilly is so patient, we make it clear yes 19 is what we covered yesterday and yes 20 and possibly 21 will be next Sunday’s lesson.  Lilly touches the pages with two fingers, puts them to her tongue and says MIEL…..

Cindy as always walks them halfway home (not far) and as Cindy comes in the door she is saying, “Well Dennis McCutcheon that should make you smile!”

Answered prayer can break discouragement in a moment.  Father, Your Word is sweeter than honey or the dripping from honeycomb, thank You LORD.  I was in the kitchen crying.

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    Praising the Lord and celebrating with you in these moments!


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