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A Neat Wheelchair Story.


Pastor Nacho asked for a wheelchair.  We have worked with this brother since our first days here in Guatemala almost ten years ago.  We know that where Nacho goes Jesus is shared, so of course if we have it, we give it in this case.

The recipient is dad to one of the group we are teaching the Bible to in a local prison.  I don’t have every detail but I believe it has been over 20 years since these two men have seen each other.  The gift of the wheelchair triggered a desire for reconciliation.  Dad was able to be transported and an awesome visit ensued.  They talked,  They ate together.  Our brother in prison got down on the level with his father and said, “over the years I have never asked you for anything, certainly not since I have been in prison.”  He explained since being here he had come to know Jesus Christ as Savior and proceeded to tell his dad about the Gospel Truth.  At the end our brother said to his dad, this one thing I ask of you, that you would pray with me to receive Christ as your Savior.  And he did.

Go God!

That wheelchair came from an unknown donor through Joni and Friends Ministries ( muchas gracias J&F and original donor).  It was refurbished by prisoners in the USA, transported in a DOLE container, by Vine International, unloaded by ex-cons and friends in Vine bodega, then given to El Barrios Para Cristo to be given at the home of an old man who had more than a simple physical need.  There is no way to count the hands on that chair, the funds that it took to get it here, but I know we made the Accountant of Heaven smile.

Pray for us as we continue to teach the Scripture in Pavon Prison.  I so wish we could share photos of this group.  But we are stripped of all devices, belts, keys, shoestrings, etc.  So no photos, smile, wink.

Next story.

Ratoncito and Cindy’s red sweater

See photo of Edwin, grandson of our groundskeeper.  His nickname is Ratoncito (Little Rat or Mouse).  He is always moving, always climbing and exploring.  He helps when we unload a container.  He is very

good help when wheelchair containers come.

The red sweater is a work of Cindy.  It was once her size and took weeks to make.  She wore it the first winter after handcrafting it.  Nice and warm but it shrunk too much for her to wear after first washing.  It is now a gift to Ratoncito and is much appreciated as it is very warm and winter is getting close.





Containers – We are currently in a struggle.  In our ten years here and in the 25 years of Vine Internationals service to Guatemala we have the two worst containers in our history back to back.  Container 242 and 243.  The problems are complex.  Some of the delays are ludicrous (putting a space between each line on one set of documents – a first in 25 years).  Our friend David Mollinedo and I went to the port on 242 and sorted the whole container to comply with the SAT inspectors demands.  A tremendous amount of work, all of which was undone when SAT warehouse staff reloaded.  We are very frustra

Tiva filters to Health Talents near Chicacao

ted.  The delays equate to dollars ultimately.  And these have been expensive.  242 was released about 10 days ago and is largely disbursed already.  TIVA water filters delivered.  Medicines to Salud y Paz a designated project.  Joe Leier is coming this next week for his stuff, etc.  243 is still held hostage…. Prayers deeply appreciated.

Next story:  Jason and Lilivet Ryder are landing in Guatemala Dec. 4 to begin a time of transition for Vine International.  We need younger blood!  They will take over Vine in Guatemala in time.  We will help make a smooth transition.  Lilivet is Guatemalteca and having that language skill will be a blessing for our ministry.  Jason is a trained and qualified biomed tech and what a need that is for the Christian medical community here.  It has been a long, shall I say LLLloooonnnnggg prayer of mine that Vine International could add repair and maintenance of equipment to our service.   We are looking forward to their arrival.  For what is going to happen to the McCutcheon’s you will have to wait.  We are not leaving.  We are not retiring.  WE are older and slowing down.  Until Jason and Lilivet can say “We got this”, we will not leave Vine International.


And a lighter note… the view from a seat at our favorite comedor Adelita’s while eating lunch.  I suspect we are looking at breakfast and lunch tomorrow.

In  Christ,

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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