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January 2019 Change is in the air, meetings and a chicken coop


Jason, Lilivet and Kristen Ryder are here in Guatemala.  They will be the new directors for Association Vine International Guatemala, replacing Cindy and I.  They get to cut their teeth on three containers that will soon be released.  Jason is from Michigan and a trained biomedical technician with mission experience.  He has worked with TrimedX and GE in the recent past.   Lilivet has jumped into the ministry and done some excellent translation work for Brady “Chepe” Green/Vine already.  She is Guatemalan.  They are expecting a baby in the next couple of weeks.  They have moved into a house close to the bodega/warehouse.  Poor Jason was getting up at 4:30 in order to get across the city to be at the bodega by 9:00.

We have done some training on the administrative issues.  Assembled and tested all the PET carts as you can see in the photo.  Kristen was delighted.  They are working on residency papers for Jason.  Some of the legal paperwork for transfer will have to wait until we have documents properly prepared.  Burro-cracy!


Our home fellowship is going well.  Psalm 45 and 46 next Sunday.  The teaching we do at Pavon Prison is on hold due to a violent act among the prisoners.  We have been checking but as of now no date is available for us to renew that ministry.   Appreciate prayer for this part of the work here.

Jason Ryder & Brady Green in discussion with Dr. Estrada

Brady our CEO spent most of this last week working on administrative issues here and speaking with some of our physicians in ministries. We are hoping to improve supply to some of the works that care for the health issues of the poorest in Guatemala. We had good talks with Dr. Eric Estrada and Dr. Sergio Castillo.

Dr. Eric Estrada


Dr. Sergio y Veronica Castillo



My apologies to Dr. Estrada.  I tried three times to get a good photo but missed each time.  NO he is not asleep, I just caught him in mid blink.

Also while praying please pray for three containers that are being held up by customs.  I just got word one of the medicine containers is pulled for a full inspection by SAT/customs, and this after the Ministry of Health took over four weeks to issue a certificate allowing us to import.

If you ask Woody Woodson about the beginnings of Vine he will tell you of the original office being in a chicken coop in his backyard in Knoxville TN.  Well Woody this is just for you.  I have ‘harvested’ wood from a variety of crates and wheelchair containers and with Jason Ryder, David Mollinedo, Ignacio Sanchez, Cindy and I we have built our neighbor a chicken coop.  I though you (Woody) might get a kick out of that.  It will be used to house Lilly’s chickens (some of which are progeny from Cindy’s flock) to add eggs and meat to her table.  Hopefully sometime this next week we can finish the run and it will be occupied soon.  See the photos below.

Thank you, all of you, for your continued support.

In Christ,  Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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