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some of the ministries we serve….


We have four containers come in rapid succession.  Three were shipped before Christmas and the BURROcracy held them up but finally they have been released while the fourth one came through fairly standard fashion.

Nice to have strong friends

We are tired!  But happy!


The last container had 1155 boxes of rice weighing about 35 pounds a piece floor loaded.  We assembled a group of men, friends of ours and off loaded by ‘bucket line’ onto pallets.  Here is a photo of that crew.

We have purchased a new phone and I haven’t figured it all out yet so here is the ‘accidental selfie.’  Didn’t want to waste it!

Here is  a photo with the team from Hospitalito Espiritu Santo (Holy Spirit Hospital in English).  They come a few times in the year.  Vine International ( helped start an onsite clinic some years ago.  I have preached there before. They do so much with a little.  They collect bones from local butcher shops, scrape them and boil them in order to add “meat” to their soups.

Hospital Espiritu Santo, taking photo of the photographer – me! This group does a lot with so little.

It is a group I have spoken about before.  There are about 100 men in various stages of recovery from drugs and alcohol.  They are divided in to about 12 teams.  Every hour one of those teams is praying and Vine International is daily mentioned in their prayers.  Humbling.


Jason Ryder opening his first container in Guatemala

Jason and Lilivet Ryder have been busy.  Jason has been learning the ministry and they have manage to deliver their brand new little girl, very rapidly in  the middle of the night (no traffic) Lilivet timed it so that she delivered as Jason was parking the car! Welcome to Guatemala Erin Joy Ryder.



In one of the container was a few boxes of sunglasses.  A blessing for this subtropic region.  Sun is often an issue.  So we would photograph the crews in glasses that we have served recently.  Below you see the ‘gangs’ from ASELSI ( Translates to Equipping the Saints in English) They teach local pastors and have a very successful clinic, a huge ministry to pregnant women, mothers and children, and the finest physical therapy program I have seen in the developing world.

The group on the right is the Fickers, well a small portion of the Ficker clan.  They started years ago serving in an orphanage.  They then started Adonai International Ministries ( They have built a free standing hospital and with DOCS For Hope ( are moving towards 24 hour service in an underserved area of Guatemala.  They have a very active program, sharing Jesus with each clinic, every day.  It is a blessing to serve the LORD in Guatemala with brothers and sisters such as these.  Check them out, links provided.

the “Pirates” from ASELSI.

AIM Adonai International Ministries – Hospital Adonai in Canilla

It comes in by container and goes out in multiple trucks, vans, cars.  I have even loaded a wheelchair on a motorcycle before.  I asked that guy to check in when he got to his grandmother’s house.  If you have seen the way motorcycles cut between cars here, you would understand why I thought he might not make it.  We have served clinics and hospitals in rural Guatemala from the border of Mexico, the central hi to the northern border with Belize and to the south near the border of Honduras.  And that was just the last four days.Thank you for your support.

In Christ,

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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