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It is mating season….


for hummingbirds.  The bulls do their aerial dance, they fight and get their girl.  They literally fall in pairs to the earth in our backyard and today came in the house.  One went out the door through which he came in and the other started beating itself against the window in the dining room trying to escape.

I think this is a “rufous saberwing”.  (link to photoblog in red letters, just click on it for some close ups). We have seen blue heads, white ears, ruby throated, magnificents, sparkling tailed (sounds like small helicopter coming in and is a little bigger than a bumble bee).  It is really colorful and active around the feeders this time of year.  Then at night the fruit bats clean out any remaining nectar.

Orioles are a colorful nuisance and the flower piercers take their turn at the feeders too.

God is an amazing creator.

In Christ,  Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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