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Update on my eyes…


Several of you that follow us on Facebook know.  We just want to update those who support in prayer and finances.  Right eye operated on this past Monday, Left eye on Thursday successfully.  Follow up exam on Friday revealed the pressure in left eye to be elevated and drops are added for that.  Here the air is dirty as it is the end of dry season.  Dr. Mariano Yee has severely restricted my activities and gave the advice in front of my wife the NURSE… So she is in protection mode.  Antibiotic drops every hour ( I am going to drive over that cooking timer when this is over).

But the really good news is I am sitting at the computer with a pair of readers on.  I tested very close to 20/20 and suspect will be there when healing is complete.  Colors are amazing and I can read my Bible and tell which bottle is SHAMPOO vs. CONDITIONER before I use them.   Coffee is in bloom and I am sending this out, picking up the camera and walking out the back door to take some photos in the yard of things I haven’t seen in awhile.

Thank you for supporting us with your prayers.

In Christ, Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. Harold \Mac\ McKinney permalink
    06/04/2013 12:32

    Good to hear Harold!


  2. 08/04/2013 10:48

    Rejoicing with you- very excited that your vision will be so great! 🙂 Praising Him. Love you!


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