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We are blessed…


We are blessed in too many ways to count.  As some of you know Cindy has returned to a job in the USA.  I remain in Guatemala to handle the ministry of Vine International.  It is not the most pleasant of situations, but we believe it is what needs to be done.  Not knowing the future we desire to have our debt retired.  We have reduced our living expenses to less than half what they first were when we moved to Guatemala.  Many people in the USA think it is cheaper to live here.  Some items are (vegetable and AVOCADOS yeah!) but milk fuel wear and tear on vehicles is much higher here than there.  Anyway we have incurred debt since serving in Guatemala.  And it is ours to deal with.  We are not going bankrupt and our support is amazingly stable considering the economic issues in our home country.  We are grateful for your support.

Cindy went through the airport with a one way ticket and a new passport that did not have a visa properly stamped in it.  It made security a little nervous.  She looks so threatening as you know (just ask Casey and Peggy – she never scared Jason but that is a different story).  She was grilled on at least two occasions and got to meet the drug and bomb dogs at our international airport.  They liked her!  Long lay over in Atlanta was extended when some equipment failed on the plane – on the ground – see we ARE blessed.  She finally made it home about 8:30 pm (over 14 hour day for her) into the loving arms of family.

Her job starts today.  She had this job the day we discussed this option and she called a lifelong friend Beverly.   We also knew while we wanted to reduce costs we were going to need to invest in a car.  In the meantime we called Red and Sandra (will save their last names as I have not asked them if I could share this yet) who always let us borrow their car.  We asked if we could keep it a couple of months to build up a down payment on a personal vehicle.  Red is a car nut.  On Saturday Peggy dropped Cindy off at Red/Sandra’s house to pick up the car.  There was a Toyota Camry sitting in the driveway.  These friends gifted us with a car y’all!  I cannot express our gratitude enough.  We believe this is a blessing from God.  Cindy was crying when she told me… fortunately I was on this side and she couldn’t see my reaction…

Thank  you Red and Sandra.  Thank you Beverly.  Now to some frugal living and getting this time of our life behind us in as short a time as possible.  No photos this time.  Got to run, propane, meet with Tejeda-Harris about some paperwork, gearing up for a couple of Joni and Friends containers for Bethel International Ministries, water man comes today, garden needs hoed and lawn needs mowed and I have promised to spend some time on the bed with my leg in the air… dear!

Thank You LORD for friends that support us in so many unique ways.

In Christ,

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. 04/08/2014 07:46

    YAY God!!!


  2. Michelle permalink
    04/08/2014 08:18

    I am glad that you see it as a blessing, but I am sad for you both, that you have to be apart for a while…


    • 04/08/2014 08:42

      smile… Michelle there are parts of this that seem all things other than blessing. BUT we have a problem. We prayed for a solution. This came to both of us in the same conversation. We called a friend in the states and she had a director resign the day before our call – Cindy is qualified and experienced in that position. My family has tested God before and in difficult circumstances have seen God’s hand of mercy, blessing and providence. Sometimes it takes looking back to see that! In the midst of this it can be difficult but we believe in this moment we are being obedient to our Father in Heaven. We are His to do with as He pleases. Watch and see for He is Good and He will get glory out of this in some way yet to be revealed. Of that Cindy and I are confident. Deeply appreciate your prayers. In Christ, Dennis


  3. Carlos A. Baltodano permalink
    04/08/2014 09:45

    Brother Dennis, I have been thinking about you and Cindy and I had in mind to call you (and I still will) on Friday, knowing that that was the day Cindy would go back to The States. I found myself driving all day Friday as I was getting ready for a surgical team arriving on Sat. You and Cindy are in my mind and heart dear friends. If time allows it, you are welcome to come and stay with us at Clinica Ezell any time. Humble meals and good coffee always in our table. Love you brother,


    • 04/08/2014 14:13

      Thank you all four Baltodano’s. I will come sometime for a weekend break before Christmas. It would be a joy.


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